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About the Practitioner

Rodney Adams, Refloxology

My interest in reflexology became a passion when I used it on my grandson's feet.   He had grand mal seizures when he became sick with a cold or flu. They were so intense and long lasting that he had to be put on oxygen.  Since the sessions on his feet, he hasn't had another seizure.  Our whole family is reaping the benefits of reflexology.

I received a certificate in therapeutic reflexology St. Louis, MO in June, 2013 and graduated from The Body Therapy Center and School of Massage in January 2014 as a massage therapist. As a student in the private class, I became certified in myofascial release through weekend classes that were taught by Holly Pinto. Other continuing education that I received as a private class student was Assisted Isolated Stretching, Aaron Mattes method, taught by Nick Gabhardt. I also completed 100 hours in the clinic at the Body Therapy Center in addition to classroom instruction. 

In November, 2015, I completed a three day training in Muscle Release Technique SM which relieves pain from repetitive use injuries. I also completed the Three Day Course in Lomi Lomi Massage in Cocoa Beach, FL and later that year I received a certificate in Healing Chronic Shoulder Pain in St. Louis. I received a certificate in Myofascial Release Technique for Gluteus Medius and Tensor Fasciae Latae in 2018 and in Massage technique for Frozen Shoulder in 2018 and in using the Pado Purewave  in 2018. 








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