Rodney's Reflexology and Massage

Relieving tension and pain to promote healing



Rodney Adams - Specializing in Reflexology and Massage - Belleville, Illinois

Reflexology became a passion for Rodney when he applied techniques he learned to help with his two-year old grandson's grand mal seizures.  His grandson has not had any more seizures even when becoming ill with a flu bug recently.  He had always experienced seizures during illnesses and had to be taken to ER immediately.

Medical Reflexology, as defined by the International Academy of Medical Reflexology, is a complimentary, biological, integrative, health science through which an exercise pressure is applied to reflex areas, formed by 7,200 nerve endings in each hand and foot, encouraging improved instruction to each and every gland, organ, and part of the body, thus persuading the body to biologically correct, strengthen, and reinforce itself to reach balance, normalization, and homeostasis.  

Medical Reflexology is customized to the client's needs, using the most effective techniques to help with the client's problems and issues.  It works on the whole person, not just the symptoms of disease by bringing equilibrium to the body's systems, clearing neural pathways balancing the body's hormone functions, increasing circulation and delivery of nutrients, and assisting in the elimination of toxins.  This may help to decrease dependence on medications, relieve minor ailments, and improve symptoms of major health conditions.

Rodney graduated from The Body Therapy Center and School of Massage in January 2013.  He is licensed in Illinois and certified in Myofascial Release.  Some of his techniques include Myofascial, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.