Rodney's Reflexology and Massage

Relieving tension and pain to promote healing

Frequently Asked Questions

For a reflexology session, you will be completely clothed except for feet.

When receiving massage, you can choose to receive massage fully clothed.  However, most clients choose to undress to their comfort level.  You will be completely draped with a sheet and blanket if you are cool.  During massage, only the body part being massaged will be uncovered.  For example, when massaging your back, your back will be exposed.  Jojoba oil is used because it is the most like your skin's own ester.  It is pure and pesticide free.  No additives.

While receiving a massage, please feel free to give feedback if you would like more or less pressure or if you feel chilly or need a tissue or a drink of water.  It is your massage and you know your body.  If you feel like I am on a spot that feels like 'Aw that's the spot," please let me know.  This is your special time!